Approximately 75% of our teachers have been with Creative Child Development Center for 10 years or more.  Some of our teachers have Bachelors in education degrees and some have their CDA credentials in early childhood. 

Our teachers have a great love for our children and know how to motivate them to be the best they can be. 

The teachers use a lot of positive reinforcement.




Our basic philosophy is to provide quality education in a Christian environment.  We attempt to accomplish this by incorporating a well balanced, planned program to meet the developing needs of the 6 week to 12 year old.  Physical, mental, social, and spiritual development of the child is considered in program planning.

Creative Child Development Center seeks to nurture a positive, hands on, whole person development to build individual self-esteem.  We provide a home-like environment in which each child may fully and beautifully develop to the highest potential.

Creative Child Development Center attempts to use all that is best in traditional educational procedures as well as to keep fully in touch with current discoveries and methods.